Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 3.5: Checkout

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The next content area deals with the checkout process in general. We’ll see how different products are handled, what are some required attributes, and how gift cards and coupons are handled.

1. What product types do not require any shipping cost?

Virtual products and
Downloadable products do not require a shipping cost.

2. Can a customer apply a coupon on the order review page?

No, by default the customer can only apply a coupon in the shopping cart.

3. Is it possible to change product qty during checkout, on the order review page?

No it is not possible once the checkout process has started. The qty can be changed in the shopping cart, and the review page will have an Edit Cart link that will take the user back to the cart.

4. What is a gift certificate, and how can it be used?

A gift card is used a type of payment. When purchased, a gift card will have a balance added to it that may be used toward future orders.

A gift card may be entered in the shopping cart in the gift card input box.