Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 3.4: Shipping

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The next content area deals with shipping. Here we’re looking at everything from different shippers available, how costs are calculated, attributes used, invoicing, and some customer info.

1. Can a storefront customer select a delivery date when placing an order with the table rates shipping option?

No, it’s not possible to select the delivery date.

2. What shipping methods are available natively in Magento Enterprise Edition?


  • Flat Rate
  • Table Rates
  • Free Shipping
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

3. What shipping attributes are available for a customer when placing an order?

The customer can select a shipping method. If Multiple shipping options is enabled, the customer is able to enter multiple addresses and select which products go where.

4. How is the shipping cost calculated for the DHL and table rates methods?

The rates for DHL call a web service that uses the weight of the items to determine the shipping cost.


Table Rate shipping method uses calculations to determine what the shipping cost should be. There are three types of calculations that can be selected to determine how the rates are calculated.

  • Weight v. Destination
  • Price v. Destination
  • # of Items v. Destination

A Csv file that contains the rules needs to be uploaded to the system that determine the rates to locations.

5. How can a customer account password be changed by a customer or an Admin user?

A User can change their password in two places.

  • The forgot password link on the login page
  • In
My Account, in the
Account Information section

An Admin User can view the customer record

Customers -> Select a Customer and change the password on the
Account Information tab.

6. Can customers share their wishlists with friends?

Yes, In

My Wishlist in the account section, there is an option to share a wishlist. The customer has the option of entering a comma separated list of email addresses along with a message.

7. Can a customer print an order invoice from the My Account section?

Absolutely. Clicking on

View Order in
My Orders will bring up the details about an individual order. From there, there is a
Print Order option on the top right of the page (with the default layout).