Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 3.13: Import / Export

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1. What customer and product data can be imported and exported using Magento native logic?

A list of customers and a list of products and their attributes can be downloaded in the Admin panel. Order information is not available for download.

2. What is the process of creating a product in Magento using product import functionality?

First ensure that attribute sets are created. Next, export the product list from

System -> Import/Export -> Export by selecting Products as the Entity Type and Export File Format as CSV. Use this downloaded csv file as the basis of the import and fill with your new product information.

3. What product types can be created in Magento Enterprise Edition v. 1.13 using product import functionality?

The Magento Enterprise User guide explains that

Importing is available for all product types, except bundle, gift card, and downloadable products. You can import customer data, product data, and product images.

– page 1046, Magento Enterprise Edition User Guide, Version

4. Can you add an image to a product using Magento product import functionality?

Yes, but the image needs to be uploaded to the media/import directory prior to the CSV import. The CSV field will also need the media files to be mapped with proper casing.