Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 3.12: Pricing Rules

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1. How can product attributes be used when creating shopping cart discounts?

Shopping cart rules may use available attributes as conditions to determine if a a product should be discounted.

2. How is shopping cart coupon code use tracked with Magento native logic?

If specific coupon codes are used, they are tracked within the shopping cart price rules in the Manage Coupon Codes section where the individual codes are tracked as used or unused.

Coupons can also be viewed using the reporting feature by going to

Reports -> Sales -> Coupons and selecting the desired criteria. The coupon uses themselves are stored along with the order information.

3. What are the three common methods of creating product price discounts?

  • Shopping Cart Price Rules — These are used to automatically apply coupons when items or combinations have been added to a cart, or to allow a specific coupon code to be used during checkout.
  • Catalog Price Rules — Used to put products on sale under certain conditions and do not require a coupon code.
  • Product Sale Price — The item itself can have a special price assigned to it that will run between a start and end date.

4. How could you create a product price discount and display a related “on sale” banner on listing pages using Magento Enterprise Edition functionality?

In order to accomplish this, we need two things — first the banner, and also the promotion rule.
We can create the banner first by going to

CMS -> Banners and adding a banner. Then go to Catalog Price Rules
Promotions -> Catalog Price Rules and Add a new rule. After adding the rule information, click on the Related Banners Tab and select the banner that you would like to appear.

If you created the catalog rule first, the Banner page also has the option to associate it with a promotion rule.