Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 3.10: Customization

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1. Does layout change of a category page from one column to three columns require a customization?

No, the layout can be changed by editing the category options.

Catalog -> Manage Categories. Then select the category on the left, and under the
Custom Design tab there is an option to change the
Page Layout.

2. Which of the following changes requires a code customization: Displaying a banner in the page content area, changing a footer link, changing a product page layout from one column to two columns.

Displaying a banner in the page content area would require a code customization.

Changing a footer link would be handled through the 

Static Block or 
CMS functionality.

Changing a product page from 1 column to 2 column is very similar to question 1, but the change occurs on the product page instead of the category page. 

Catalog -> Manage Products


3. Does creating a product price attribute require a customization or can this be achieved using native Magento functionality?

This is built-in to Magnto. To do this, create a new attribute.

Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes then
Add New Attribute. The Catalog Input Type can be set to Price.

4. Could you create a “How did you hear about us?” customer attribute to collect customer data during purchase and export it to a CSV file using Magento native functionality, or would that require a code customization?

No, this would require code customization to add an attribute to the Customer.