Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 4

1. A customer wants to display a CMS block on the category pages. What would be the most efficient way to implement this?

The category display settings has the functionality to display a static block within it. Assuming you already have your block created, you can navigate to your category page Catalog -> Categories -> Manage Categories select your category and go to its Display Settings tab. […]

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Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 3.13: Import / Export

1. What customer and product data can be imported and exported using Magento native logic?

A list of customers and a list of products and their attributes can be downloaded in the Admin panel. Order information is not available for download.

2. What is the process of creating a product in Magento using product import functionality?

First ensure that attribute sets are created. Next, export the product list from […]

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Magento Solution Specialist – Content Area 3.12: Pricing Rules

1. How can product attributes be used when creating shopping cart discounts?

Shopping cart rules may use available attributes as conditions to determine if a a product should be discounted.

2. How is shopping cart coupon code use tracked with Magento native logic?

If specific coupon codes are used, they are tracked within the […]

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